Tim arranged a mattress and box spring removal for us in slightly under an hour from the time we called. He was on time and courteous, in and out in 5 minutes. No fuss. Did I mention his service cost less than half what we were quoted elsewhere?! Super! Would not hesitate to use again!
Casey Shannon
Residential Client
They arrived immediately (10 minutes from time of call), were very friendly and efficient. Coupled with great rates, they were an excellent hassle free experience for getting rid of unwanted mattress/box-spring set. I would highly recommend Junkology to others and use them again myself.
Kathryn Moench
Residential Client
Fantastic service - I was really pleased with Junkology. They say on their website they have simple pricing and excellent customer service. Completely true!
Jennifer Spencer
Residential Client

Mattress Removal"

Mattress Removal & Disposal

Getting rid of your old mattress is frustrating! It's heavy, floppy and definitely can't be dropped (dumped) in the lane as you'll get a fine! Especially if you belong to a strata.

Your mattress removal headache can be take care of by JUNKOLOGY and we will also ensure your mattress is removed and recycled properly at a licensed mattress recycling facility.

How Our Mattress Removal Service Works

Call 778 846 9273 to book now especially if you are looking for same day service for your mattress removal or book online for a convenient time to arrange your mattress pick up.

We charge a simple flat fee of $65 +gst for ANY SIZED Mattress! so whether you have a

  1. Futon mattress
  2. Single mattress
  3. Twin Sized mattress
  4. Queen size mattress
  5. King size mattress
to be picked up they are all the same price. That's right! $65 +gst for full service any size mattress removal - it also includes memory foam mattresses as well!

If you need the boxspring removed at the same time as the mattress removal we charge $115 + gst

You can even pay by Visa or Mastercard

Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

I'm afraid we don't take them! You need to get it sprayed and then sealed in a bag, you can the drop it at the city dump. They have an infornative page on mattress disposal here.

So Just How is my Mattress Recycled?

Mattresses have to be recycled in Vancouver by law now which means that the majority of the components from your old mattress will actually be returned to use; springs, cotton and even the foam are recyclable. That means that nearly ALL of the material is reclaimed.